Tourists in New York
(The Book)

In their wonderful beauty. They silhouetted in the New York sky, pictured by tourists from all over the world that have been loving them for thirty years, till the dreadful attack of 11th September which destroyed them.

Twin Towers Forever is the title of the book edited by photographer Rolando Giambelli, that tells through drawings, projects rare documents and pictures - the World Trade Center story - to not forget to remember.

The volume richly illustrated with colour and precious b/w images, includes all the studies carried on during Sixties about the possibility of building so high towers, both from the technical and architectural points of view.

Thanks to Francesco Brunner's family, who supplied precious technical material, we can also publish in the book pictures of the excavation of the W.T.C. foundation on which the Twin Towers were built. Mr. Brunner, in fact, was the Italian engineer who planned and directed the works for Icos Italy, a leading company in the world in its field for construction work.

There are also included shots taken in 1971 and '72 of the Towers under construction and finally the photos of the great, gigantic steel twin buildings, the Manhattan Symbol, completed in 1973, pictured from different sides by simple tourists that love NY now and forever.
It is also represented the big "Plaza" where the Twin Towers rised, a splendid square full of everydays' life. Climbing to the W.T.C. from the Subway, many camera lenses immortalized shops and restaurants before entering into the wide multi-colour tapestry room, where people have to queue and wait (not for a long time anyway) for their turn to reach the top (107th floor) of the South Tower, using those very fast lifts. At that dizzy heights there were shops, bars, snacks and the "Windows On the World" restaurant saloon. There was also the panoramic terrace from which so many tourists took shots of New York City and sourroundings. The book also shows pictures taken from an elicopter flying towards the Big Apple, together with some nights snaps of New York, the city who never sleeps. Other shots of the Twin Towers have been taken form the Circle Line boats navigating around Manhattan Isle on Hudson and East River.

The preface of the book Twin Towers Forever has been written by the Mayor of Brescia, Mr. Paolo Corsini. Mrs Matilda Raffa Cuomo, the wife of the ex Governor of the State of New York Mario Cuomo, sent from New York City her support to the aims of this work, which profits uncoming from sales are assigned to New York Saint Vincent Hospital, Saint Agnes Church and Mentoring USA/Italia - Onlus.

Finally, short before going to press, New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani sent a touching letter which enacts a kind of twinship between the two towns in which Francesco Brunner operated. In fact Mr Brunner, the Italian engineer who planned and directed works for the excavation of the World Trade Center foundations, has been living when possible at Desenzano sul Garda, near Brescia, till the death occurred two years ago.

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