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I herewith enclose a short report about I spent the day of 11th September:

On the eleventh of September I was at Women's Health in the Third Millennium, a medical congress on women's diseases organized by Spedali Civili (the City Hospital) of Brescia. That meeting was chaired by Matilda Raffa Cuomo, the wife of the ex Governor of the State of New York from 1983 to 1994.
And there were present also two American important scientists.

For three days I have been engaged as observer with Mrs. Cuomo. A few hours before the disaster, during a meeting with Paolo Corsini, the Mayor of my town, we showed Mrs. Cuomo a model of electric bicycle; she said to be very interested in it and that, once back in the U.S.A., she would propose it to New York's Mayor Mr Rudolph Giuliani!.. All was going in the right way… I also suggested Mrs. Cuomo to go to the Italian Restaurant "Giambelli 50th" in 50th Street, Frank (Francesco) cooked for the Pope, too!
Shortly after three o'clock in the afternoon, my wife called me on my mobile phone to inform that first a plane and then another had exploded into the Towers in New York!
I thought she was joking, so I went into my car to listen to the radio, and I had the confirmation that dreadful nightmare was really true. I had to go back in the congress hall and to tell the tragic news to the Chairman of the congress. Not only Mrs. Cuomo, but also the main lecturers of the congress were American, and so, with tears in her eyes and with her voice trembling, Mrs. Cuomo closed the congress, which could not go on while thousands of people were lying dead under a mountain of ruins. Now it remains only the memory of how beautiful were the Twin Towers.
In march 1972 I saw the Towers in course of construction and I took pictures of them; later on, I visited them several times. They were really wonderful. In 1998 I took the last glance at the Towers lit up by the sunset and by the lights of the city, while I was flying over Manhattan on a plane taken off from Newark and which was taking me back to Italy.

THE PROJECT OF THE BOOK: The day after the disaster, after having talked to some friends and relatives of mine living in New York (fortunately, they all are well), we helped a fund raising for the victims' families, promoted by Advantage Bank; at the same time, in our museum we got ready an exhibition of images of the Towers taken from my archives and then thanks to my town Mayor, I made the exhibition in the Brescia City Hall ( We want to remember the Towers as those images show them, in all their beauty. In collaboration with some Italian Institutions, and above all after receiving a toching letter from the Mayor of New York Mr Rudolph Giuliani, we decided to publish a book and to organize an exhibition with the best images of the World Trade Centre (outside, inside, general views, etc.) taken by visitors, tourists, and people from all over the world who are sending us their pictures.

The book I am working for is titled "Twin Towers Forever" and is scheduled to be published before Christmas. I will present it on 23rd December at Brescia. I soon send you a copy and I hope you will like my work ( I also enclose a short description of my book).
The profits incoming from this book realized thanks to many people's collaboration, in order not to forget - will be administrated by a control commitee and are partly assigned to Saint Agnes Church in N.Y. I personally know Monsignor Anthony Dalla Villa who was Saint Patrick Cathedral's Rector ( his parents are from Brescia/Italy). I would like to employ part of the sum of money for benefit of Saint Vicent Hospital too as it was the first to aid the wounded. Finally, a part of the benefits is for Mentoring USA/Italy, the association founded by Matilda Cuomo for the recovery of youngster who have abandoned their studies.
Rolando Giambelli

some images taken from the book

some images taken from the book

Copertina della prossima edizione di "Twin Towers Forever"